​”Fu Jammeh pikiroo nyu baari naan faa doom” 

…Now is the time for TRUTH and RECONCILIATION to allow us move on to build a #NewGambia and no amount of prosecution can remove the SCARS that have been script in our hearts by the 22 years of terror by the AFPRC/APRC regimes have done to the Gambian people. Lawyer Darboe has set the ball rolling by saying he has FORGIVEN which is very assuring and I suggest we replicate his statement as Gambians. 

REVENGE or witch hunting wouldn’t do us any good but rather widen the already divided population base on political, enthinicity or regional lines. We need to help victims and their families get to know the truth about what happened to love ones and be given the opportunity to meet the perpetrators of such CRIMES to hear from them and be encouraged to forgive and move on with their lives. It would not easy to just let go after loosing a father, sister, wife, daughter, brother, uncle, neighbor or any single person, but I know we have the heart to forgive for the Bible said “To error is human, but to forgive is divine”.

Prosecuting the perpetrators of serious crimes are always welcome, but with experience especially in this part of our world it does more harm to the victims and their families than good. Experience have shown us that those prosecuted at the ICC and condemn to prison, the jails they spend their sentences are close to our five start hotels in this our part of the world. When their victims and their families continue to lived in abject poverty and the torture of seeing the perpetrators of their scars spend the rest of their lives in luxury jails. 

The way forward would be for the government to get hold of all the looted monies and assets of Jammeh and his cronies of first class criminals and allocated 25% of the recovered funds in help his victims and their families rebuild their lives by sending their kids to school and putting food on the table. A JAMMEH VICTIMS TRUST FUND must be created to register all the victims and there after manage the funds for distribution and must be transparent by realising quarterly reports to the public.
As for Jammeh and his cronies can’t never evade prosecution and justice in this world and the hear after,  because they have two to face which they can’t escape. 

1. The torture of living with a GUILTY CONSCIENCE for the rest of their lives knowing the kind of crimes they have meted against innocent people. 
2. The judgment on the day of reckoning in the presence of their lord and the victims they meted such grave crimes against.
Some may really want to see Jammeh and his cronies hang but we must always remember Jammeh alone didn’t wronged Gambians but we have so many people who have acted in one way or the other in making such CRIMES happened over the past 22 years. 
We have a nation and people to build. 
God bless The Gambia!